As a model with your own site either established or in the works, you know that content for it is always a major part
of your site's success. I offer a way for you to get great images of you (and/or others) for use on your site.
I can "trade time" with you. Your time modeling for me in exchange for my time shooting for you.
We can structure the trade where we both use all of the content created, or if you prefer, we can
shoot one set for your exclusive use, then one for my exclusive use.

I shoot high end digital stills and HD or 4K video and would be happy to trade work with you if you get to the
San Francisco Bay area. I also do some trade shoots when I travel to locations like Portland, LA or Vegas.

We can shoot as much material as you like, in the subjects I shoot best including but not limited to
GLAMOUR and EROTIC NUDES, in exchange for a signed release for me to use the images and video as well.
I have shot all sorts of niche material, lots of different fetishes, and am open to creating a wide variety of content.
I also trade Bikini and Lingerie material from time to time as well with exceptional models.

For your adult website material needs, I can tailor the number of images per outfit and setting, providing you
with some clothed and "tease" images for your public/guest area of your site, and then plenty of more erotic
material for the member's section of your site. I can shoot and edit video, and will provide you with
different resolution and file sizes of each clip.

For all trade shoots, I will provide you with digital copies of stills on DVD or Bluray or FTP to your server for your use
just a week or so after the shoot. I can also edit most video in about the same time, and can provide it on DVD or Bluray,
or FTP directly to your server. I require you to sign a model release, provide two forms of ID for me to make a copy of for
my files, and sign a license agreement for the images. If you want images of other models that I have already shot,
we can negotiate a deal to trade work for that material as well. If you want both, I can sell you usage rights to
images of other models at a greatly reduced price, or you can model a bit more for material just for my needs.
Most arrangements are negotiable.


In many cases, I get asked by my other clients to hire models for the work I shoot for them. Often they request models
that I have shot before, and I tend to hire models that I have traded work with prior to other models. In many cases,
I may hire you for part of the day, and trade work for the rest, depending on the situation.

I have traded work with quite a number of models, here are some references and samples.

A few of the Models that have Traded Work with Me

Jamie Foster


Tanya Danielle

Shay Sights

Sofie Marie


Jenni Lee

Sara Jay

Mary Carey

Reina Leone

Renee Townsend

Erica Campbell


Ginger Hill

Zora Banx







Let me know if you are interested in trading some work with me.

510 593-7647 (US only)


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