I have been creating images of beautiful women for the last 28 years, and have shot for many different purposes.
My previous work has included individual portraits, commercial advertising images, shots for magazine publications,
and of course, images for the Internet. Some of my images have been published in over 30 different adult men's
magazine titles, and on literally hundreds of websites around the world.

I shoot with Professional Level digital cameras for the best possible image quality.

2 LOOKS, 35-50 SHOTS EACH .................... $300
EACH ADDITIONAL LOOK .................... $100
PHOTO TOUCH UP per image .................... First 3 images are FREE, $10 each additional
Duplicate CD/DVD's .................... $20


Can we shoot on location or in your hotel room?
Sure. I can come to your location to work with you. There is an addition
small travel charge for any location over 30 miles from me.

How far in advance do I make an appointment?
2-10 days in advance is usually best for me, but I can occasionally schedule shoots for
as soon as the following day. Call to ask for a time to schedule your shoot. 510 593-7647

Are there any Cancellation Fees?
If you want to cancel within 24 hours of our scheduled shoot, there are consequences.
Please call for information. No-Show's and short notice cancellations are assessed cancellation fees,
and/or require all future requests for bookings to be paid in advance.

What do I get from a shoot?
You will receive all the images we shoot.
I will put the images in a private folder on DropBox for you to download.
I can also put the images on a CD/DVD if necessary. The disk will have two folders and two files on it.
1) Donotopen - shots straight from the camera.
2) Finals- corrected versions in web ready sizes to email to the advertising service of your choice.
The CD is PC Format but should work in Mac Computers most of the time.

What can I use the images for?
You can use the images to advertise your services on Internet advertising sites, on your own personal
website on the Internet, in print publications (magazine ads) and for business cards.

Can I get prints made of the images?
Yes, I can make prints from the original image files if you contact me before I delete them from my machine.
The "finals" jpeg files do not make good prints, I need to use the large originals to make a good print for you.
The prints are mailed directly to your address.

What is the turn around time from shoot to getting my images?
I normally have the images ready the same day as the shoot, usually that evening.
If you want a CD/DVD from the Photo Session, I can put in the next day mail service,
or you can visit my home to pick the disk up in person at a later time.

Can I get a duplicate CD if I lose the original?
Yes, if I still have your images on my system. I normally delete them after a week or so.
CD/DVD's are $20 each and I will only create duplicate CD/DVD's for the individual that
actually paid me for the original photo shoot.

Can I pay by Credit Card?
Yes, I accept Cash, and Visa/MC. (I prefer Cash)

How many wardrobe changes can I have?
2 changes for 2 look shoots, 3 changes for 3 look shoots, etc.

Do you shoot video?
Yes I shoot HD and 4K video, and each video is priced the same as a photo look.

Can you help with posing to help me look my best?
Absolutely, some say that is what I do best. My goal is to create images that highlight
your best features and display the attitude that you want to express.

Can more than one person come to a photo shoot?
Yes, but I do require one Photo package per person in order to create quality images
for all involved. I can also photograph multiple people at once in a single package.

Are you looking for models for your other work?
Yes, I am always looking for models for the nude and erotic photography work I do for Internet
and magazine clients. If you are curious about modeling for me, please call for information.
510 593-7647


Let me know if you are interested in having me shoot something just for you.

Tom Mayes Photography
510 593-7647


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